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FranServe Lead Management


A Lead Cultivation Program Designed Specifically For FranServe Consultants.

Above & Beyond developed a lead cultivation program for Lehmann Initiatives, a FranServe consultant. After deeming it a successful method of nurturing valuable leads, the program is being offered to all FranServe Consultants. The program is designed to:

• Communicate with inactive leads with engaging content
• Provide an automated, continual dialogue
• Position the consultant as a franchising expert
• Educate candidates about franchising

For details, click here for the
FranServe Lead Nurturing Program Flyer:


If you abandon your leads…

…you may as well be throwing away the money you invest in them. Whether you have hundreds of leads in a dead file you never talk to, or a lead you purchased last week, this is a an effective and efficient way to stay top-of-mind with all of your leads. Research shows that companies who excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads.

Program details

The turnkey program consists of three separate tactics They can be used individually, or combined as a powerful, integrated campaign. Your leads receive a steady stream of communications on your behalf—they are customized to you. The call to action directs leads to contact you once they’re ready to explore franchise ownership.

Tactics include:

Text Messaging
• 52 weekly MMS personalized messages
• Concise, relevant content
• Read More directs to customized landing page

Drip Marketing
• 14 emails strategically sent to leads
• Well-written emails with valuable content and strong call to action

LAUNCH newsletter
 12 monthly newsletters
• Valuable content with links to read more at your customized landing page


The most important part of any lead cultivation effort are the results. Tom Lehmann of Lehmann Initiatives has allowed us to post some results we have experienced with their current lead nurturing campaign. Since incorporating this effort, Tom has doubled the percentage of leads he has made contact with, and a few of them, who he would have otherwise written off as dead leads, are going through the candidate process.

Text Messaging
• 75.6% delivery rate
• 10% of those on the list have clicked-through to the Read More landing page
• 9.5% of the list has opted out

Drip Marketing Email
• 17.4% open rate (Business & Industry average is 15.2%)
• 4.0% click through rate (average is 1.4%)
• 8.0% unsubscribe rate

How it works

• Choose the tactic(s) you want to employ
• Upon payment of the one-time set-up fee and first quarter program fee, communications are customized to you
• You provide your lead data, which is never shared
• You provide updated lead data as frequently as bi-weekly for the rest of the quarter
• Your leads receive communications for an entire year
• You choose to engage your newly acquired leads by making payments of the quarterly fee

This chart shows the cost for each lead nurturing tactic. You can choose any tactic a la carte, or package all the tactics to save 30% as a campaign:

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.08.45 PM








Return on Investment

• If you purchase 3 leads a day, you will buy about 780 leads for $23,400 over the course of a year
• If you take advantage of the packaged campaign, you will pay an initial set-up fee, and then just $3.64 per lead—or less than 5¢ per message—to keep your name in front of that lead for an entire year


“From what I’ve seen to date, I’m confident this program will be a benefit to you. I believe it’s vital we maximize the investment we make in our leads.”

—Tom Lehmann at Lehmann Initiatives, FranServe Consultant

Please feel free to contact Tom to discuss his experience with this lead nurturing program:
cell/text: (612) 578-8194  |  email: Tom@LehmannInitiatives

Let’s Get Started

Contact Greg Erickson to answer any questions, or to get started on cultivating your leads:
cell/text: (952) 210-6137  |  email: Greg@AboveBeyondMarketing.com